Wedding Coordination

Dear lovely bride-to-be,

You who are dreamy-eyed at the thought of planning the most sacred day of your life. You whose heart skips a beat knowing you'll soon be able to take on the world with a lifelong teammate. You who are excited to plan the details throughout the journey of engagement, and then leave it in the hands of someone entrusted in order to breathe in and remember every detail of the big day. 

you are in the right place.

Whether you've already envisioned every detail of your wedding or are just beginning, my hope for you is that you revel in each moment of your planning. Engagement season can be full of highs and lows- experiencing joy and disappointment, eager anticipation, new memories, and investing in your life to come. Every part of this journey is meaningful to grow you and push you towards what is most important in life. You release your creativity, and tell the story of you and your love. You invite others into your journey. And after months of planning, you hand over the reigns. 

At the final bend along the path of engagement, we walk together. I take all your planning and tie up the ends. My hope for you is that while planning might be trying, not an inch of those worries carry into your wedding day. I want you to soak up every single moment- the tender ones with your family, the heart-beating-out-of-your-chest ones with your groom and the ones full of release when you are finally married and dancing the night away with everyone who loves you.  

Let's finish your journey together- with eased burdens and a mind that's free of anxiety over the small details in that final day. Having a coordinator brings all your details and timelines to life, so that when you think back on your wedding day, you remember only the people and moments that made it the best day of your life.

With love,